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Water qualities

Mineral water that comes from natural sources is a healthy and natural product that doesn’t only quenches your thirst but also supplies microelements and minerals to the body.
There are some terms that are important to know:

Total Salt Content
This data shows the amount of minerals (solids) dissolved in the water on a gram per liter basis.
According to the Total Salt Content data the water can be ranged to one of the following categories:
1. Medicinal mineral water
This kind of water is used only for medical treatment under a physician’s care. It is not recommended to uncontrollably drink such kind of water. Salt concentration of such water is high: starting from 10 gram per liter.
2. Therapeutic-table water Лечебно-столовые минеральные воды

this kind of water can be both used for medical treatment and for drinking. But you should not drink it too often. It is better to drink it only as prescribed by a physician. Salt concentration in such water varies from 2 to 10 gram per liter. Note that drinking too much medicinal mineral or therapeutic-table water can cause salt-water misbalance in the body.
3. Table water
Salt concentration of such water is low: under 2 gram per liter. So it can be used for regular drinking. 
Having the total salt content from 0,3 to 0,6 gram per liter Ulyanka refers to this type of water which makes it suitable for drinking both adults and children with no limits.

Ion Composition
Except dissolved minerals the water can be composed of a variety of other elements that help to keep the salt-water balance in the body. Basic elements among them are potassium, calcium, magnesium, sodium, chlorine, sulphate and hydrocarbonate. Thus, the concentration of the elements influence on the ion composition of water. Mineral water Ulyanka refers to the hydrocarbonated sodium-calcium class of water.

Sodium regulates salt-water balance and influences cardiovascular system and nerve conductivity.
Calcium takes part in building the skeleton and teeth. It also influences nerve conductivity and blood coagulation.
Hydrocarbonate raises hydrochlorid acid release and regulates salt-water balance.

Water Purifying
Natural mineral water can change its original ion composition and unique natural properties after being purified. Thus it’s important to keep its natural condition. 
Immediately after upwelling mineral water Ulyanka meets all the sanitary rules and doesn’t need any additional purification (except the mechanical filter that purifies it from the suspended solid particles).
And due to the minimal period between the upwelling and water filling the water stays fresh and naturally healthy.