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Governor’s Youth Ball

December 21, 2015

The most beautiful youth event, the Governor’s youth ball, took place in a lobby of Lenin’s Memorial. The ball is usually hosted by Sergey Morozov, the Governor of Ulyanovsk Region, since 2008.

Opening of Martial Arts Academy

December 20, 2015

The first Martial Arts Academy has been opened in the city. The Academy collaborates with the Russian MMA and promotion company Fight Nights. Fedor Emelyanenko is the President of MMA in Russia and the founder of the company Fight Nights are Batu Khasikov and Kamil Gadzhiev.

Car Lottery by Rosneft

November 29, 2015

Rosneft and LLC Osnova held a joint advertising campaign. One of the visitors of Rosneft petrol-filling station who took part in a lottery has become a fortunate winner of a new car from Rosneft company.

Business Forum Sloboda

November 13, 2015

LLC Osnova has become a partner of the 10th Business Forum Sloboda. The Forum is meant for entrepreneurs who use it as a place of training, rest and searching for new business contacts.

Hospitable Ulyanovsk – 2015

November 10, 2015

LLC Osnova gave out tasting of its product within the forum Hospitable Ulyanovsk - 2015. The forum visitors could feel the taste and quality of natural mineral water Ulyanka.

Final of the Course ‘Musa. Time to Change’ of the Project MUZA

October 15, 2015

The course ‘Musa. Time to Change’ of the project MUZA came to an end on Sunday. The manufacturers of mineral water Ulyanka followed carefully the project events and frequently delivered natural mineral water to the classes.

Ulyanka and MUZA project

September 23, 2015

Mineral water Ulyanka has become a partner of a woman training course MUZA. Healthy lifestyle promotion, physical activity and healthy diet were the main topics of the project.

City Day

September 14, 2015

On the occasion of the 367th birthday of Ulyanovsk LLC Osnova offered its product at cut-rate prices. This fact was a great pleasure to the citizens of Ulyanovsk.

Family Communication Day

September 12, 2015

Festive events for multi-child and young families, family dynasties and the region’s  public representatives took place in the Governor’s cultural center.

Autumn Holiday at the Kindergarten #258

September 11, 2015

A holiday concert for children and their parents was organized in the kindergarten. People living in the nearby houses also joined the event.

Professional Skills Contest of Gazprom Neft-Aero

August 18, 2015

The contest aimed to choose the best of the best among Gazprom Neft-Aero members of staff.

Family Holiday ‘Instamam Family Day’

August 16, 2015

A family holiday Instamam Family Day held in Leniskie Gorki was warm and lively. Amusements and contests for children, workshops for adults, prizes and awards for the winners… and the water Ulyanka for everybody!

Airshow 2015

August 15, 2015

Taking an active part in all the most important events of Ulyanovsk LLC Osnova expressed its determination to go on working for the city’s sake. Airshow – 2015 is an event that impresses with its immensity and visual effects. Each year aircraft industry workers set new attendance records. Most of them come with their families and spend all the day in the open air and under boiling sun. And each time the organizers of the event consider the issue of regular supplies of drinking water to the visitors of the event.

Ulyanka at beauty contest

July 19, 2015

The beauty contest that was held in a sports bar Kedy in cooperation with LLC Osnova turned out to be really hot. With so many beautiful girls who gathered in one place the atmosphere in the bar was instantly heated up.

Ulyanka at AQUA Mall Birthday

July 11, 2015

LLC Osnova was one of those who took part in celebrating the birthday of AQUA Mall. and natural mineral water Ulyanka was in great demand regardless wet and cool weather.

Ulyanka on Youth Day

June 27, 2015

LLC Osnova was actively involved in celebrating Youth Day in Ulyanovsk. To present its product to the citizens some trading spots were located along the city on Youth Day.

Ulyanka at Take-Off Runway

June 25, 2015

LLC Osnova worked at the official celebrations for the students leaving school since the very morning. All the students could enjoy natural mineral water Ulyanka at special prices.

Ulyanka at Drag-Racing

June 20, 2015

LLC Osnova presented a range of its product at the annual drag-racing competitions. Mineral water Ulyanka was there to save audience and participants of the racing from thirst.

Ulyanka at Sabantuy Celebrating

June 06, 2015

LLC Osnova presented its product at the sports event Green Marathon that has already become traditional for the citizens. The contestants and the spectators could try natural water Ulyanka.

Ulyanka and the Green Marathon

May 23, 2015

LLC Osnova presented its product at the sports event Green Marathon that has already become traditional for the citizens. The contestants and the spectators could try natural water Ulyanka.

Ulyanka at Auto-Moto Show

May 01, 2015

During the Auto-Moto Show that was help in the city and coincided with celebrations of the 1st of May LLC Osnova presented its natural mineral water Ulyanka for the citizens and the guests of Ulyanovsk.

Ulyanka at the Top

April 24, 2015

In April leaving for a multi-day expedition the travellers from Ulyanovsk could not help taking natural mineral water Ulyanka with them. All the expeditionists marked the quality and outstanding taste of Ulyanka that helped them to quench their thirst while climbing to the top and stay fresh and energetic for new summit ascents.

Start-Up of the 1st Plant Building

February 03, 2015

February 3, 2015 the construction and equipment of one of the plant buildings for bottling mineral water Ulyanka was finished. Since now all the equipment of the plant goes through careful control for quality and bottling process stability.  

Construction Start of the 2nd Plant Building

March 26, 2014

The finishing construction of the first plant building was supplemented with the start of constructing the second plant building for bottling mineral water Ulyanka. According to the project ideologists’ plans the second building will allow to widen the product range of high quality.  

Construction Start of the 1st Plant Building

September 02, 2011

The construction of the 1st plant building for bottling mineral water Ulyanka was started in Veshkayma district on the 2nd September, 2011. In the course of construction saving ecology of the district and keeping the surroundings clean and tidy were top priorities. Ideologists of the project, all the staff of the construction brigades, various technologists and specialists were responsible for performing the targets.